About Me

My approach to interior design isn’t purely aesthetic; it’s about making a home best serve all of those who live in it. I do this by listening closely to my clients’ wants--and also by tapping into the spiritual realm.

Stay with me, now...

For ten years I’ve specialized in high-end residential design, working on a range of homes throughout the country, from San Francisco to Palmetto Bluff. I've also been asked to participate in special projects such as Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles' "Home for the Holidays" benefiting children's healthcare, the Serenbe Designer Showhouse, and Atlanta Decorative Arts Center's "Behind the Windows," which celebrates the coming together of fashion and interior design. And while I’ve always used my natural gifts of intuition and clairaudience in my work, I’m now incorporating what I’ve learned from decades of practicing meditation and yoga as well as studying metaphysics, religion, energy healing, and other forms of therapy.

Our physical environment affects our well-being, right? Decorating it should be about more than making it look good.

One of the first questions I ask clients, for example, is, "How can I best support you?" Favorite colors and fabrics are important, but so are knowing what you want to let go of in your life and what energy you want to bring into your home. Depending on your answers, I may start with energy work, space clearing, numerology, or feng shui before I start sourcing rugs, furniture, et cetera. Consider it therapy for your home.

And if you just want a beautiful room where you can entertain, I can help you with that, too.

Your house is your most sacred space. I want it to align with your deepest values and your truest needs--whatever those may be.

– Shayelyn