I will meet you for an initial consultation ($250). This is when we talk about your design goals as well as your life goals; we’ll take notes on your personal style, your vision for the project, and the preferences and routines of those who live under your roof. Feel free to invite the family, if you wish, so that everyone can have a voice.


I might ask if I can schedule an hour to be in your house alone to walk through each room and, in a way, “talk” with it. (Sometimes the space actually tells me what it needs or wants to be.) Back at the office, I review my notes and then I sit in meditation to receive guidance on what’s best for the new home you’re creating.


Depending on what I learn in those sessions, I may recommend a saging, house clearing, feng shui or other kinds of reorganization, or a blessing. (I have a team of practitioners I have been working with for over 20 years.) These ceremonies shift the energy from the previous family to yours or they realign any “off” energies, and they can help you set intentions for your new home.


Now that the home’s energy has been adjusted, we can decorate! If we’re working on multiple rooms, we’ll prioritize them, and then I’ll begin pulling multiple looks and color stories for each one. (If it’s a new construction, we’ll work with the builders to determine how to tackle our work.) Eventually, I present my ideas to you, room by room, and we can make choices from there.



You get to relax now! I’ll place orders and work with our vendors to prepare for your install. For new constructions, we make routine site visits, as we may want to tweak our plans while the interiors are in the making. Enjoy as watch your vision come to life.